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Top 5 Lipstick Colors for Winter

These colors are great for winter.

Matte Dusty Rose: a creamy dusty rose lipstick looks great on everyone. This shade in matte is feminine and looks dreamy with a cream sweater on cold winter days.

Glossy Cranberry: This is a great holiday color that looks stunning during the winter months. Add a little extra gloss on top and it is so versatile.

Sparkly Forest Green: This is only for the brave at heart. Try this look at your next holiday party and place a layer of sparkly gloss on top which adds a great look.

Glossy Nude: This is fresh, pretty, and makes your lips extra kissable.

Matte Dark Purple: A trendy step away from black lipstick is dark purple and it can be extremely seductive.


Hope this has helped some in your journey to a beautiful kisser. Until next time, take care and look great!!!

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